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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Zachary is 28 Months Old! #may #summer #homeschool #preschool

Zachary is 28 months old and it is starting to feel like Summer outside :)

Exploring Our World

We played with bubbles for the first time!

Zachary started figuring out Photobooth on the ipad. This becomes a multi-sensory activity with elements of investigation - great for preschoolers!

I got this now!


This month we started using Montessori-style baskets for encouraging learning, play and discovery. The idea is to organize groups of things that can be discovered in one place. They can be switched out and added to throughout the home for the child to discover on their own.

My son loves to read and play in the office while Daddy is working, so we decided to put a few in there (we sometimes take them in the kitchen too). The first basket holds a few boards books (First 100 Words (Bright Baby), Baby Einstein: First Alphabet Bookand I Love You Through And Through).

The second basket is for "Open Close" objects.

According to Living Montessori Now:
Open and close baskets are amazingly popular with preschoolers and are wonderful preliminary practical life exercises for eye-hand coordination as well as developing concentration and a sense of order.

We used soy butter jars and Tupperware boxes this time.

This is Zachary's favorite activity with the baskets:

Leave a comment and let me know what activities you are doing!
Love, Renee


ChainingMagic said...

This is a wonderful way to strengthen motor skills while having fun. :)

Kelley @ Kelley's Passion for Nutrition said...

I wish I had the time to do more of these activities with my youngest. You have motivated me. Do you have a good site for montessori at home? Like how to start?

Renée said...

Kelley: Montessori Now is a great site (it is linked in the post)and she has some great ideas on how to get started - I also have some things I pin on Pinterest ( I'm still learning about it myself - I am so happy you stopped by~ I love your site!

Amanda T said...

I don't have any kids, but you have some great ideas for activity :)

deb said...

These look like great ideas. Thanks for sharing.