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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Articulation Station by Little Bee Speech! #review #homeschool #preschool


Zachary is 3 1/2 and very advanced in reading and arithmetic - several years ahead of where he should be, in fact. We are very proud of him, as I'm sure you can tell! He has always been a bit of a "late bloomer" on other things like walking (he was 18 months) and breaking from the bottle (he was 2) but I never had a problem with any of that - children do things at different times.

The only area of concern I have had recently has been his speech. It isn't that I think he has a speech impediment, but I have noticed that he has a tendency towards replacing sounds with others. For example: he can sound F perfectly fine on its own but if the word is mid-sentence, he will replace the F sound with a B sound. When counting, for example, he more often than not will say one, two, bree, bore, bive, six, seb-en, eight and so on. Being close to 4, it concerns me that this will turn into habit and become a permanent part of his vocabulary.

That was until I found Articulation Station!

Articulation Station was created by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist for parents, SLPs and other educators to help work with children and adults with speech sound delays. It is a comprehensive articulation program offering practice at the word, sentence and story levels in 22 sounds in the English language. 

Click here for the webpage with additional details on Articulation Station Pro along with tutorial videos which show tips on how to get the most out of the app

Thanks so much to Little Bee Speech, who sent us a code to review the full version of Articulation Station Pro!

Let me show you how Zachary and I use this app:

First we choose the letter sound to practice. From here, Zachary can touch the letter to hear the sound and choose to read (or hear) words, sentences, or stories using that sound.

Next we choose the sound position: initial, medial, final or blends. 

You can see in the second picture that Zachary chose sentences with the z sound in the initial position. He also chose random sentences so, when he pushes the red button, it flips different words inside the box (where the zither is). He is only 3 so, although he can read on a second grade level just fine, he doesn't comprehend some of the choices he is making. But he has a lot of fun!

Zachary loves to play the matching game too! 

Articulation Station is definitely one of Zachary's favorite apps and one that he chooses over and over. That makes me very happy! Personally, I love this app and feel that he has made some nice improvements on his speech since we implemented it into his learning time (I say that tongue in cheek because it is more like playtime). I love it so much when he is finished with his lesson and the little bee pops up to say "You Did It!" - Zachary loves that too :)

Here are some more screenshots:

The full Pro Version of Articulation Station can be purchased on itunes for $49.99

You can also download Articulation Station for FREE (comes with the P sound) and purchase sounds individually as needed. In other words, you don't have to spend $49.99 if you don't need to. This is especially good for parents who have a child that only needs to work on one or two sounds.

Be sure and visit Little Bee Speech on:

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Kristin Wheeler said...

I've heard great things about this app! Thanks for sharing in detail!

Just Short said...

I love apps that teach, especially word type apps. Thank you so much for sharing.

Melissa Pezza said...

What a great teaching app!

Mama to 4 said...

this sounds nice to incorporate into my homeschooling - thanks!

Ashley Hatten said...

how awesome! my 4 yr old is in speech, this looks like a great tool to use with him!

TerinAleah said...

This would have been great to have when Hunter was younger and needed speech therapy!

Erin Piccione said...

I'll so use this in a few years. My son is only 9 months now but for sure a great product!

Grace Matthews said...

What a neat program...wished they had this when I was younger

lilyk said...

This app looks very interesting. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!