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Monday, May 14, 2012

Interactive iPad book for kids - Elfishki and and the Unwelcome Guest

Elfishki and the Unwelcome Guest
an educational interactive iPad book for kids

What’s inside:

  educational fairy tale story for kids 6-9 years old
  interactive illustrations
comprehension questions
a bonus game

Zachary and I were so excited for the opportunity to review another Interactive Elfishki Book - we love them so much! 

Elfishki are little fairy tale creatures who live on the beautiful Rainbow Island in the middle of the Sparkling Sea. Some of them can fly like butterflies and some can swim like mermaids. They share the island with enchanted animals who can speak and legendary trees who do not talk but understand everything. All in all, this is a place where miracles happen every day.

Immediately after I downloaded Elfishki and the Unwelcome Guest, Zachary found it and began "reading". Honestly, it has become the first app he pulls up every day. It is just that enjoyable! And although he is 2 (it is recommended for elementary school-aged children), he has no problem "flipping" the pages, playing the game or making the story "come to life". The graphics are absolutely stunning and the attention to detail is incredible. Zachary thinks the sounds are the best thing next to sliced bread!

The interactive part of the book is AMAZING and you just have to try it for yourself!

Can you tell how much we LOVE these books? You can buy Elfishki and the Unwelcome Guest through itunes for just $2.99! While there, make sure to check out Elfishki and the Giant Cake too (you can see the review Zachary and I did here & reviews from other Moms here) which received the Kids App Award.

From the Developer: About Fairy Tales, Myths, and Legends of Elfishki

Our iPad books for kids are not just captivating stories with cute pics, but teaching aids. On every page, you can find comprehension questions which help your child develop his or her conscious reading skills—according to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

Each of our interactive iPad books will teach your elementary school-age child to:

• Retell short stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of the central message or the lesson of the fairy tale;

• Answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how.

• Acknowledge and appreciate differences in the points of view of the characters in the short story.

• Use illustrations and details in the kids’ stories to describe characters, settings, or events.

• Recall prior knowledge related to the information and events in the text.

• Make and confirm predictions about what will happen next in the fairy tale text.

For more information about more stories, please visit their website where you can find a list of fairy tales all based on the Elfishki characters.

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Love, Renee


Kristyn said...

i would love to have this for my daughter!

OurHopeIsInTheLord said...

I don't have a IPad, Looks like a fun game

Cavla J said...

Need that for iphone ..:-)

Jacquie, Family Makeover Maven said...

Funny to see kids using an iPad for reading! Sounds like a great story!

Linda @ Linda's Lunacy said...

This looks like a great book. I don't have an iPad. Apparently, I'm missing out on lots of great apps!

Mellissa said...

That looks so fun :O) I wish we had an iPad.

Jennifer Carroll said...

Oh, my oldest daughter would love this!

Honey + Lime said...

I love interactive ipad books, especially when they are educational. Thanks for sharing!

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