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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Review: Kids Week Ipad App from Novitura

Kids Week helps children from the age of 3 to learn the structure of the day and week though the use of recognizable icons. By using this iPad app, they quickly learn to comprehend what week routines there are and what special activities are planned. Your child learns to plan and make choices in a playful way.

Kids Week from NOVITURA on Vimeo.

From the Developers:

We are two fathers from Amsterdam, The Netherlands that - like all parents - kept on getting re-ocurring kids questions like: "Do I have school today?", “Do I have swimming lesson this afternoon?" or "How many nights before we see grandma and grandpa?" and have decided to do something about it. With this fantastic educational and fun iPad app toddlers and pre-schoolers plan their own week.

Through fixed day-colours, a set of universal icons with accompanying sounds a week scheduled is created. There is also the opportunity to create new icons by drawing, writing or importing pictures. Great for parent - kid quality time on the couch before dinner or right before bed. Kids Week offers children lots of fun with an educational element.
My thoughts on Kids Week:

I love this app! It is so cute and well thought out. While Zachary isn't yet old enough to understand the icons and what they represent, he had no trouble scrolling through or moving them into the scheduler. And, yes, my app is in English.

Check out Zachary using the app in this video:

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Each icon makes a cute noise, and Zachary thinks that's the best thing ever. I like that there is a picture icon where you can import your own pictures to mean things like "going to see grandma" or "playdate with Joey". There is even an icon that you can use to write your own message or your child can draw a picture.

I wouldn't mind seeing words on the calendar or enabling it to "lock" the icons, but the point of the app is that it is for Kids - not adults. I also think that $1.99 for this app is a steal - you should definitely download it for your pre-schooler!

Want to know more about this iPad app? please view the full press release, accompanying images and instruction video. You can download the app through itunes for only $1.99

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