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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review: My Kid's Health IPad App from Pomelo @mykidshealthapp

From the Developer (Pomelo Limited Web Site):

The best way to record your kid's health on the iPad
  • Vaccination schedule according to your country of residence, doctor/dentist appointments, growth & illness history, and more. Reminders sync with the iPad calendar. All through a beautiful, user-friendly interface.
  • Developed by parents, for parents, to create the perfect tool for keeping track of your kid's health and development.
  • No more looking for papers, it's all there on your iPad!

+ All the basics: date of birth, blood type, allergies, social security/national health number, as well as your child's photo
+ Growth records: height, weight, head circumference, plotted beautifully on a graph
+ Share height and weight posts on Facebook and Twitter
+ Personalized vaccination schedule: keeps records of previous vaccinations, and reminders for upcoming injections. Vaccination data is calculated using your child's date of birth, with data provided by the World Health Organization and national authorities
+ Upcoming Doctor appointments: also keeps a history of visits, with details of diagnosis and treatment
+ Upcoming Dentist appointments: with a history of visits
+ Childhood illnesses: keep track of which common childhood illnesses, such as Chickenpox, your child has had
+ Accident and Illness history: coughs, scrapes, fevers, and accidents -- all can be recorded for a full history of your child's health
+ View upcoming appointments and vaccinations for all your children on one easy screen
+ Appointments and schedules are synced with your iPad calendar with notifications and reminders
+ Ideal for newborns to teens
+ My Kid's Health is perfect for a single child, or a large family!
+ Full and unrestricted, no need to pay for upgrades or in-app purchases

What's New in Version 1.01

New features!

+ Sharing height and weight posts on Facebook and Twitter
+ Ability to sign up for newsletter
+ Added decimals to metric head circumference measurements
+ Added decimals to imperial measurements
+ Notification improvements
+ Usability and stability improvements

My Review:

I am a "new" mom - ok he is 2 years old, but I am still learning things. One thing that I really disliked at my last pediatric visit was the fact that the Dr. asked for my son's vaccination record and expected me to have it on hand. What? I never knew I needed to have that - but I never have to worry about that again!

Since I take my Ipad everywhere I go, I can now have all of his records at my fingertips. No more looking through paper files. My Kid’s Health stores all important health information for immediate access: vaccination schedule, doctor/dentist appointments, blood type, growth & illness history, and more. I love this. Reminders even sync with the iPad calendar!

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for me to record Zachary’s progress and keep medical information up-to-date. I can also post any updates to Zachary's record on Facebook or Twitter via the app!

Although we only have 1 child, I could include as many children as I wanted. The app is easy to navigate with a nice layout and graphics. BONUS there is no need to pay for any additional features after the first purchase (I hate when apps do that)!

The only negative things I would say is that this app is not designed for children with special needs like asthma and there is no place to list daily medications (although I don't have need for either of these things).

Overall I think this is a great app for most families, and $8.99 is a really good price for it.

My Kid’s Health has been developed by Pomelo, whose objective is to develop a series of innovative and useful lifestyle applications for mobile devices, building on the fantastic features that tablets offer for everyday users.

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Love, Renee


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Jennifer said...

That would be a great app to have if I had the hardware for it. LOL. Maybe someday when I join this century when it comes to technology I would be able to get that app. Great idea though for those who can use it!

Trisha said...

Sounds like an awesome app! Too bad I don't have an IiPad.

Heather McDougle said...

Sounds like an awesome app! It sounds like something I need because it's hard to remember which of my 3 kids got what and what they weigh and everything.

royalegacy said...

This is a great app for the iPad! Thanks so much for sharing it. Passing along the information to my friends.

Catherine L. said...

Sounds like a great app. I don't have an iPad, but I'll share this with friends and family that do.