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Friday, June 15, 2012

Puzzles : developing cognitive and motor skills with @MelissaAndDoug #homeschool #parenting #kids #preschool

I was just thinking today that Zachary needs more puzzles. He is so good with them on the ipad, but he needs more hands-on puzzles since he has outgrown the ones he has. Puzzles not only delight and excite little ones, but also help develop their fundamental cognitive, motor and social skills.

I have been considering this Melissa and Doug Deluxe Latches Board,to build dexterity. We LOVE our Melissa and Doug toys and that one looks perfect for what we are working on right now with him. On the other hand, Totsy is having a sale on Melissa and Doug puzzles right now. Zachary is passed the 4-5 piece puzzles and the 12 piece Pets Puzzles in a Box (4 puzzles total) is only $10 at Totsy.

Melissa and Doug See and Spell

Zachary loves his Melissa and Doug See and Spellpuzzles! We bought this set for him last Christmas, so he has been playing with it since before he turned 2 (he has recognized letters since he was about 18 months old).

Feb 2012

At first we only put out 1 or 2 of the See and Spellboards along with the corresponding letters. I mixed in 2 or 3 letters that didn't belong. Zachary would pick up each letter, say it's name and sound it out ("s" sssss).

Feb 2012
4 months later we are to the point of working on sight words with him (he can spell about a dozen words). I am able to lay out most of the See and Spellboards (they are double sided, which is amazing) - he finds the letters, spells the word out loud and then says it. The puzzle aspect of these boards is building skills as well.

June 2012

I was not compensated in any way for this post, I just really love Melissa and Doug toys! This post does contain some of my affiliate links.

Love, Renee


mglawler said...

The Melissa & Doug Puzzles are the best!

Chels said...

I love Melissa & Doug! We have that same set. Love it!

Malia said...

I Love Melissa & Doug Products!

Celebrate Woman said...

I love posts when some really helpful issue is raised and a solution is pointed out. Talking about kid's motor skills and how they effect their thinking is a great topic to touch upon. Great post. Very personable and with great info.

Grandma Juice said...

Melissa & Doug stuff is really really great!

Monicas Mom Musings said...

Melissa and Doug is great and not just because they are right here in my state, lol ;).

Renée said...

thank you all for the wonderful comments and for visiting me :)