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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Read.Explore.Learn - I Love You Through and Through

Shibley Smiles

Welcome to Read.Explore.Learn.! Hosted by JDaniel4sMom, this meme was designed to be a place for you to share the learning opportunities, crafts, field trips, and other activities you have done this week that tie-in to children’s books

Please be sure and link up at JDaniel4sMom's post - I look forward to seeing ways you have learned with and explored books!

 My Book Tie-Ins of the Week:

I love your hair and eyes,
Your giggles and cries...

A toddler and his teddy bear illustrate a young child's happy side, sad side, silly side, mad side, and more! Zachary loves to read this book over and over and over... and I love listening.

What did we do with this book?

This week we got 50 Counting Bears with 5 Cups. There is a Teddy Bear in the book that Zachary loves and I thought these were a perfect tie-in. These bears help Zachary with sorting, counting, matching and are good preparation for math.

What adventures have you had with books this week? 

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Kim said...

So sweet. My son loves books.

mywildcrazylife said...

My Children love books and to read. My two oldest are into the Anamorphs series and all four have to read for an hour a day. The youngest just looks at books until he falls asleep for nap time, but we are instilling a love of reading!

ChainingMagic said...

Right now my son prefers chewing real books, but he loves the ones I download for him on the Kindle. Thank you for sharing this wonderful learning activity!

Kelley @ Kelley's Passion for Nutrition said...

This is so sweet! My children love to read! It is a huge part of our lives! Thank you for sharing this!

Renée said...

thank you all for the wonderful comments & for visiting me :)

Anonymous said...

How fun! Just wanted to invite you to stop by and link up your Children Book inspired post (New or Old) in our 6 Week Summer Reading Adventure
Have a great week!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love your book tie-in! Counting bears are so much fun!

I am so sorry I am so late in visiting! June just flew past!

Your son is such a cutie!